Egg Plant Grilled Quesadillas Style

The often question that pops up in our head is, how can we give to these Dark purple egg-plants a lip-smacking taste. Though, we Indians have few classic and amazing veggies that we love cooking like Baingan Bharta and Baingan Bhagara (My family love these veggies with Milltets flat bread) to give names. And how can I miss on the Kolkata’s classic style of cooking egg-plants? Answer is one of my favourite Baingan Bhaja, my mouth is watering just by its thought! Yet I think there is a room for a little twist in our classic egg plant recipe.

So let’s bring back these fresh local vegetables more often in our kitchen to be much more than just having a healthy body. Our everyday food has a lot impact on our behavior and lifestyle. Being healthy is good but what if you can be healthy and happy always, will anyone mind that? Think about it.

Going further,

There is a trend of Mexican food which is close to Indian cooking has made a mark followed by pizza and pasta in India Currently. I’ve given a new twist to grilled sliced Baingan in a Mexican quesadilla. I know you all are kind of in love with fresh salsa, dollop of sour cream and stuffed quesadillas. This recipe has a twist a of the grilled egg plant and a spiced salsa sauce.

When I made these egg plant quesadillas it turned into huge treat at my place!
My dad and brother were just busy eating it with no words to spell. That’s how I was kind  of eager to share this recipe with you cooking lovers! If in your family someone dislikes egg plant you know the trick right? If not, don’t mention there is egg plant but name is quesadillas with loads of cheese to them when you serve. You will notice the plate will be clean in minutes! This way everyone will be happy and healthy too! (I call it smart cooking):P

DSC01394 copy.jpg



  • 2 eggplant (1/4-inch thick)
  • 2 tablespoons oil, divided (plus more for brushing tortillas)
  • Home-made Salsa
  • 4 ounces processed cheese
  • 2 (8″) whole wheat tortilla (Roti)
  • Thin sliced onions (I did not use them)
  • Salt, pepper and coriander


  1. Heat 1 tablespoon oil over medium heat in a non-stick pan. Add eggplant slices and cook until eggplant is golden-brown, about 2-3 minutes each side. Transfer it to a plate and sprinkle salt and pepper over.
  2. Place eggplant slices, home-made salsa, onions and cheese over half of one of the tortillas. Fold the tortilla half over top and press to flatten.
  3. Place quesadilla in the gill machine/pan, brush oiled on each sides. Cook over medium heat until crisp, about 1 to 2 minutes if cooking on a pan. If cooking in a grill machine heat as per the grilling norms.
  4. Transfer quesadillas to a cutting board. Let them cool for few minutes and then slice them in half to serve.
  5. Top it up with chopped coriander and a bowl of salsa!

Comment below if you are a egg plant lover or tried these.. 😀


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  1. Lovely.. keep posting more


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