Summer Indugence

Cold drinks and ice creams are just apt for summers. Be it kids or adults everyone is insanely in love with chilled food items. Summers in our city can make you go crazy! The heat in Mumbai is just too much most of the time. And to be cool by mind and body today I have awesome recipes to make a way into the heaven of magical food, so today we have fudge tiramisu and water-melon falooda recipe to captivate your mind and soul.

Even when the scorching sun is right above you, making you quench for more of glucose and thirst.  Stay cool by just making this lip smacking recipes for you and your loved ones and disappear in the mouth melting chocolate fudge tiramisu or water melon falooda when you reach back home. I feel food plays a very crucial role in our life. A family eating dinner together means there is lots of love and peace to share. Two people have a big scope to create memories over sip of coffee. Every mommy should try this chocolate fudge tiramisu/ water-melon falooda as it will undoubtedly bring a priceless smile on a face of your precious toddler.

There is wide variety of cold drinks available in the market or on the street we end having in summer but the once made in house can be perfect as we know the right amount of sugar and other products being used. In a way we can control our self from tons calorie intake.

Chocolate-fudge tirumisu copyChocolate Fudge Tiramisu


       Ingredients :

  • 100 gms Cheese cake
  • 200 gms Milk maid
  • 3 slice vanilla cake
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 3tbsp sugar
  • 1 shot espresso
  • 200 gms chocolate


  1. Melt the chocolate and add milk-maid to it (chocolate fudge). Keep it aside. Don’t let it rest for too long, it will turn thick.
  2. Whip the cheese-cake with butter and sugar. Keep it another bowl.
  3. Soak the vanilla cake in espresso
  4. Take a glass and pour in the chocolate fudge layer. Follow it by cheese-cake mixture. Top it with vanilla cake,
  5. Repeat the process thrice. Lastly add chocolate fudge over it!

water-melon copy

Water-melon falooda



  • 1cup chopped water melon
  • 2tsp soaked in water Basil seeds/sabja
  • 1 cup milk-maid
  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 cups of vanilla ice-cream


  1. Blend milk, milk-maid and 1 cup vanilla ice-cream.
  2. Pour it in glass and dash in basil seeds in each glass.
  3. Add melon the same way. Stir it.
  4. Top it with ice cream.

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