On The House-Tropicana

The largely valuable coconut is originated from the sandy shores of India and in the Tropics of Australia. Derived by the Portuguese and Spanish word ‘coco’, the layered drupe is versatile and has multi-purpose applications. Since the time of our ancestors, Hindus break coconuts as a ritual when embarking on a new venture and on festive occasions.  It is said that the act mimics the breaking of ego and the inner white malai signifies positivity and truth of mind, while the water within symbolises the nectar of Divine Knowledge. It contains essential nutrition, is rich in fibre and vital minerals beneficial to our health. If you are a true lover of coconut muffins, cupcakes, khopra ke barfis, chutneys and so on – you will surely love the recipe I’m about to share today.

A few years ago, my friend had made me try a chocolate-coconut flavoured coffee in our local café. I instantly fell in love with the hot brew oozing a sweet coconut flavour topped by melted chocolate. Somehow I remembered drinking this delightful drink a few days back and my hands started itching to experiment:D. That’s how I found these Tropicana sweet treats for you and me :p. Rejuvenate this summer by having a blast and trying out my instant coconut fruit drink to indulge in!  

So…..I truly want you to relish this magical Tropicana recipe of coconut shake which is not only amazing in taste but also utterly healthy! The sweet aroma from the coconut milk is a perfect tease to your senses right from the start. To add to your convenience – there is nothing that you have to run to buy – use “On The House-Tropicana”, available fresh fruits, Greek yogurt and some ice-cream to make it worth every sip.  

Blend and S…L…U…R……P!  

DSC01573.jpgRecipe (Serves 2):

  • 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk
  • ½ cup of fruits/ 1 tbsp coffee / 2 tbsp Nutella
  • 2 tbs sugar/ honey
  • 2 cups of ice-cubes
  • ½ cup of Greek yogurt/ vanilla ice-cream


In a mixer jar, pour in coconut milk, sugar, ice-cubes and Greek yogurt. Blend it well for two minutes or until all the ice-cubes have melted. You can also add a tsp of protein powder for boosting the energy.  

You can add some fruit or coffee and blend it all once again.  Or chop a few fruits and place them in frosted glasses. Pour the coconut shake over the fruit and stir it well. Serve chilled!


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