Rolled French-Toast

People are going gaga over the extravagant and delectable chorus style French-toast these days. So I thought to try them, as its one of the most amazing indulgences that one could have – EVER! Take a deep breath after you nibble on these beautiful chocolate-coloured toasts, as a work-out needs to follow to shed those EXTRA calories. I know you may find me cruel saying this, haha.  A mixture of eggs and milk with sweetener is used to moisten the bread and then pan toasted. So, when you are at home staring at those raindrops and want something new to sweeten your taste buds, whip up some hot coffee, (Ahhh what a life man!) and don’t forget to make these… NOTHING CAN BE BETTER, I BET.

The rains are an ideal setting in which to express some love to your date. Surprise them with these super delicious and gooey rolled French toast. Every endeavour is worth soothing the soul, even if it’s the matter of delicious food. Elevate your lovely moments and dwell in some joy with these rolled up French toast, today. If there is kid around take their assistance to roll them up, get their hands busy while making them, it will be fun and a help to you at the same time ;).

They are simple and quick to make, once you learn to handle them after rolling it up. A little delicate to handle, I mean. So with a light hand just feel them up, roll the toast and all is good to go. You can make your own topping or ice-cream to go with it and add to the deliciousness. I have used strawberry preserves and apples for decoration. Use as many fruits as you want, be creative. I would also recommend using more fruits as it will balance the sweetness.

rolledup frnch toast.jpgRecipe for 4


  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 8 slices of brown bread
  • 2 tsp of sugar
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • ¼ cup chopped strawberry/chocolate ganache/nutella/sliced banana/ jam
  • 3 tbsp chocolate sauce
  • Butter to apply on bread
  • Any chopped fruit for décor


  1. Slice all up the corners of all the breads
  2. Mix egg, sugar, cinnamon & milk, mix well
  3. Dip the bread in the batter first as it makes it easy to fold without many breaks
  4. Don’t let it soak in, just dip it a little to make it wet and soft
  5. Place the dipped bread on the working area and fill in with the strawberry preserve
  6. Roll them up using both your hands. Dip them twice in the batter to shape into proper rolls
  7. Apply butter to each roll on the outside
  8. Place them one by one on a hot pan; keep your eye on all of them as they may break. Let them cook until golden brown on each side
  9. Once done, place them all on the plate, top it up with some chocolate sauce and fruits for decoration!

Yippee, at last when they’re done!!!!! Nibble them all 😉

Do comment below if you try them.



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