Royal Red Surprise

Since it’s all the rage right now, my friends often request for Rich RED VELVET CAKE to delight in. The texture and moistness of the ruby sponge with a hint of chocolate in each morsel, is just mind-blowing. With delicious cheese cream whipped in, nothing can BEAT IT!! It is in itself a decadent dish to indulge in.  So…I would like to dedicate this blog to all the people who are in love with red velvet cakes.

Everyone goes gaga over cascading hot chocolate oozing from inside the cake and indisputably amazing to relish. The whole process is an experience that’s seen in layers of cakes and when you take a bite into it gushing melted chocolate creates a piece of heaven. It’s like eating visually before savouring a sinful master piece. The luxurious experience when you dig in the red velvet cake topped with ice-cream, oozy hot chocolate and rich cheese cream frosting is like a dream come true for cake lovers to indulge in.

img-20160920-wa0009Today, I have tried to make a combination that’s easy for you to make at home. The whole experience is worth it instead of just offering a plate of cake or ice-cream. You can opt for any cake you have or check out my chocolate almonds-oats cake (link) for this recipe. (Isn’t it supposed to be red velvet) Most kids are born with a sweet tooth and to surprise yours with this lip smacking pleasure will be a delectable treat for them.  There is an ample amount of room for you to play around with the ingredients used to make this. Here it is-



  • Red velvet cake
  • 1 cup cheese cream
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2 cups ice cream
  • 1/4 cup red wine (optional)
  • 2 chocolate basket


red velvet1.jpg

  • Whip the heavy cream to until it hold its peak, mix it with cream cheese
  • In a glass put some cream mix on sides of the glass and 1 tsp in the bottom (add wine at this step 2tsp.)
  • Cut the red velvet with  a round cookie cutter. Add the red velvet cake , top it with ice cream
  • Add the second red velvet cake and top it with a chocolate basket
  • Fill the chocolate basket with cream mix and cover it chocolate lid.
  • Pour the hot chocolate over and let all the chocolate melt.

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