Chocolate Ball

❤ Valentine is here!

The day to express what we have in our HEARTS (lovebirds) has arrived… not only to show love, but to also give comfort to our loved ones! So who is your valentine this year? Is it your husband or mom or someone special? Haha, I am having a great time this year. I have found a new love in my life! And it is drawing (mandala)!! I’m psyched to be so fancy all the time and want to create something or the other…  will share my art, soon, with you all… 😀

So coming to my newest creation, I am exceptionally happy – that FINALLY, I’m able to share this MINDBLOWING chocolate recipe!  And no other time, could have been better, than this month!

hit me.jpg

“Spread LOVE…!”

Chocolate has all ability to attract love, I think! Winter-valentine-chocolate makes an epic TRIO. Each day is  special, but I feel, a special day makes the time spent with loved ones especially memorable.

As strawberries are in season, use them, to create this lovely stuffed chocolate ball. You can make the chocolate balls in advance and freeze it, so there’s less hassle at the last minute. In such desserts, it’s all about the looks and there are only a handful of ingredients used.  Your skills of plating can conquer hearts, after all.

I have eaten many choco-melty desserts, but I think, adding fresh fruit breaks that sweetness and offers a divine experience. Make your chocolaty more delicious with fresh fruits. So use any fruit that will some tinge of tang taste to this heavenly recipe! Don’t miss the opportunity, this valentine’s…melt chocolate balls with your sweethearts….;)

Happy Valentines Day! 

So let’s get on to the chocolate ball recipe.. !


  • 400 gms Compound chocolate
  • 1 small cake
  • 100 ml fresh cream
  • 1 cup whipped cream
  • 1 cups Fresh strawberries chopped


  • Melt the chocolate in double boiler or oven
  • Mix in fresh cream and 4 tsp. of chocolate
  • Mix the chocolate-cream in whipped cream and fold it well
  • Spread the melted chocolate to make cups in a dome mould
  • Drip the excess chocolate from the mould and repeat the process once more to get thick layer cups, freeze it 10 min.
  • Once cups are taken out of the mould, stuff them with small piece of cake cream and strawberry
  • Use the melted chocolate to stick two cups and make a sphere
  • Decorate the plate and melt the chocolate ball with hot chocolate, when served!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much I do. Cheers!


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