Hi all, I’m Cherishma Shah. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂
I’m not an expert in cooking but I believe you don’t need to be one. I think the person who is in love with food and especially loves to serve other people is always a Maste067r Chef! A secret is, your urge to experiment with each recipe a little and serve the best each time to your loved ones, I guess. I’m just a next door girl having a masters in journalism. After working for a couple of years, I felt the need to do something more than I was doing and that’s how my passion & true love for food got me into the kitchen to serve the best of the cuisine, I can to the people in my realm. With the passing time, I made cooking my profession, having an outlet in Mumbai (Chefauntysdabba.in) and now here I’m with the motive to share my creative healthy and delicious recipes with each of you!

Do have look to my YOU TUBE CHANNEL and suggest what recipe you would like to learn or me to make.. 🙂
I hope you like my recipes and would love to learn from you people as well!
Happy cooking! 😀


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