Egg less Orange Cake

I was just thinking, what should my next blog be about? I haven’t baked in a long time and when I was snacking on oranges, I thought, why not create an orange cake? Yeah! So, here we go with my well tried and tested whole wheat orange cake. You can trust with closed eyes, take…

Chocolate Greek-Yogurt Pancakes

Pancakes are on my mind! So what do you think about pancakes? Somehow, I am a lover of all kinds of cakes and sweets – cheesy I know. I love pancakes topped with some maple syrup. Top it with some ice cream for dessert or having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How do you…

Mushroom Quesadillas

  Last month on my birthday, I was in deep thinking, what to serve my guest?  Pondering on what to cook made everything so confusing for me. Being a blogger people has high hopes coming to party. So I had to live up to that expectation at the same time had time constraint. So I…

Baby corn-Cheese Starters

Starters are common in India, if you go to any party in India, I feel.  Those same old classic samosas and few other fried fritters. Lets do something more innovative and delicious. What say? So the first thing that hits my list is cheese! I think anything that is hot and if has cheesy it…

One Pot Spaghetti Pasta

Want some “Me” time? BUT have to cook food? How about one pot spaghetti pasta??!! I knew, you would like my idea. Don’t forget “a stitch in time saves nine”.  So, this recipe is definitely going to be done in 30 minutes including chopping veggies! Now, that is incredible right? Only a non-foodie, ungrateful and…

Oats & Nuts Chikki

WINTER – Time to enjoy pleasant weather and healthy-warm food! I remember so well, in my childhood we were offered chikkis made of peanuts, sesame seeds and jaggery. Said to be the best snack in winter, it helps to keep us warm from the inside and healthy. I am glad; I have a chance to…

Chocolate Gujiya

These Chocolates Ghugras resemble classic Gujiyas but with my special exciting twist. The filling of coconut and semolina with cocoa-powder makes it just yuuummyy to eat. The crunchy cover with chocolate flavoured sweet Gujiya, OH MY GOD!! What more can you ask for?

Nuts-Rose Patels Jam Cups

Have you got all your glitters and blaze ready for this Diwali? I’m sure it must all be on its way! I’m quite excited and enthusiastic for this ultimate-celebration. In our area we have lights, lamps and glitters hanging from Diwali till Christmas. It creates such an amazingly gorgeous view to experience. A twinkling star-like…

Greek Yogurt-Custard Apple Ice Cream

From gooeyness in its very first bite to oozing with lip-smacking flavours of coconut milk, Greek yogurt and custard apple – elevates the whole experience. You will not have to struggle at all to make this quick and simple recipe-

Stuffed Salsa Bell-Peppers

Have you tried stuffed bell peppers for starters? It’s a gorgeous looking dish with some cheese on the top, easy to cook and perfect to relish as an appetiser. What say? Do give it a try soon!

Potato-Cheese Twist

This recipe is just prefect with some hot coffee and friends to gossip. Its a mouth-melting cheese-ey starter. Do give it a try!!

Oats Mithai

Want to cheat partially on your diet? Try this prefect healthy indulgence recipe !