Nutella-Biscuits Fudge

This recipe is an instant mix of all the ingredients at home – just right – for welcoming my beloved guests. Sometimes, we all wonder what to make that’ll be instant and no stress to entertain our relatives and friends. I had the same thoughts running in my mind. My first idea was to make…

Chocolate Gujiya

These Chocolates Ghugras resemble classic Gujiyas but with my special exciting twist. The filling of coconut and semolina with cocoa-powder makes it just yuuummyy to eat. The crunchy cover with chocolate flavoured sweet Gujiya, OH MY GOD!! What more can you ask for?

Spinach-Pasta (kids special)

I’ve got a trick to keep this meal nutritious, okay? How about we add a twist of spinach with some nuts and milk, NO REFINED FLOUR used! You can try whole wheat pasta as well. So all in all, the goodness of green veggies with creamy pasta evolves into a delicious meal with a little cheese added in to tease your children’s taste buds. Do give spinach-baby corn pasta a shot!

Greek Yogurt-Custard Apple Ice Cream

From gooeyness in its very first bite to oozing with lip-smacking flavours of coconut milk, Greek yogurt and custard apple – elevates the whole experience. You will not have to struggle at all to make this quick and simple recipe-

Royal Red Surprise

The luxurious experience when you dig in the red velvet cake topped with ice-cream, oozy hot chocolate and rich cheese cream frosting is like a dream come true for cake lovers to indulge in.

Potato-Cheese Twist

This recipe is just prefect with some hot coffee and friends to gossip. Its a mouth-melting cheese-ey starter. Do give it a try!!

Mushroom Tikka

Are you a fan of mushrooms?
what can be the better way to cook some mushrooms in a rich tikka gravy.. Have a look!

Chopping Onion Tips

If you are just like me, who is most of the time in kitchen chopping and cooking something. I fairly know how difficult it turns chopping onions at times. The burning sensation to our eyes is quite bothering at times. So here I’ve some hacks to try so that no more tears are rolling out while chopping onions. Yaay!!

Dahi Bhalla- Non fried

Non-fried Dahi Bhalla are just prefect to snack on in this rainy weather. Do try them, it healthy and delicious.

Rolled French-Toast

If you have not tried this, you have eaten nothing, I bet! These Rolled French Toast are just amazing for any occasion! Make them today..!!

Mushroom Palak

Mushroom- Spinach recipe is prefect for a family meal with some hot parathas. Do give it a try!

Barley-Spinach Paratha

Stay healthy and fit, do try this robust ingredient barley-spinach recipe. Its worth a try.